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Made in America: A Journey Towards Sustainability

When my daughter was born, I purged our home of toxins. But in my studio, other than switching out turpentine for walnut oil, I didn’t consider other harmful products that might be lurking. Recently, I started researching the environmental safety of materials I use most – where they come from and what’s in them. 

My focus is now on two things. The ingredients and how & where my materials are made, packaged and shipped (supply chain). I’m on a mission to create healthier art for you, me, and our environment. It’s exciting to know that by making more wholesome choices in my studio, I pass along the benefits to collectors and clients.

The Search Continues

After nearly a year of researching, calling suppliers, distributors and manufacturers, I’m still searching for sustainable supply chains. Options are slowly coming to market for artists looking to source sustainable materials, although they’re not always easy to find. However, as I talk to other artists, manufacturers, and distributors, I know there’s interest, and I believe that the demand will increase, and the American industry will respond. 

For the record, I thought this was going to be a much simpler process. I had initially given myself a year to convert my studio. But after nine months, I realize this might take anywhere from 3-5 years to be fully sustainable.

Below are links to a series of articles I’ve written about the various materials I’m actively working on to sustainably upgrade in my studio. As I research new materials, I’ll add them to the list. So if you’re interested, check back! 


Protecting Our Forests

Pine or bamboo? How many options are out there when an artist is looking for sustainable stretcher bars?

Finding Healthy Pigments

From non-toxic to imported pigments, and local makers of paint… the journey continues.


Giving Back

As part of running a sustainable studio and business, I donate 10% of all print sales, 5% of all original art sales, and 3% of all commission sales to one of the 4 environmental non-profits below. If you’re interested how I chose these particular non-profits, check out this article.

You choose which one your artwork purchase supports.

Friends of the Earth, US

A bold voice for justice and our planet. 


Reforesting our world back to thriving health.

Environmental Defense Fund

Creating lasting solutions to our biggest environmental challenges

Conservation Lands Foundation

Joining together to stop industrial & commercial development on America’s most valuable lands.


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