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Prints: B&W or Color?

Choose between prints of black & white, occasionally color pen sketches, or full-color giclée prints of oil paintings. B&W prints are created using water-based inks on recycled archival paper. Giclées are created with water-based inks on canvas.

If you’d like a print in a size other than what’s listed, or multiple prints (series), please reach out to me (Contact), and let me know which image and what size you’re interested in.

B&W Prints: Sketches

where the magic starts… ideas straight out of my sketchbook that sometimes get turned into paintings

Color Prints: Oil Paintings & Color Sketches

prints of original oil paintings for folks with a smaller space or a smaller budget & prints of color sketches

Please note: All work in the Gallery Store is in my current style, and is available for sale.


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