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The process & how to hire me: 7 easy steps

Step 1

Welcome! Since you’re here, I’m guessing my work speaks to you – and I’m grateful for your interest.

Browse my website or social media. I want you to love my work, but I also want you to make sure our values align. I’m a sustainable artist and prioritize using environmentally-friendly materials when creating my work. You can read about it on my Sustainability Page or on my Blog.

On this website (and my social media feed), the work you see is in my current style.

Step 2

Choose the memory you want to be captured.

My collectors choose pictures of times/places when they’ve felt comforted and empowered by the peace & vitality of nature.

There is always a very personal story that accompanies the image(s). Please be prepared to talk about it, so I will understand why that memory/time/place is essential to you.

Bringing your emotion/desire into a personalized piece of art is key to making it unique.

Step 3

Reach out to let me know you’re interested in a commission! You can contact me through this website or my social media (LinkedIn, Insta, FB).

I look forward to scheduling a free 30-minute consultation call to discuss your commission.

Step 4

Once we mutually agree to move forward with your customized piece of art, I have a contract for both of us to sign.

The contract will include pricing, sketches, color samples, approvals, timeline, and delivery.

Step 5

After signing the contract, the initial stages of developing your commissioned artwork begins!

For me, this includes B&W or color sketches for you to approve and choose from, as well as color samples. If you decide on a mixed media piece, I may develop small mock-ups for you to see. 

Besides wanting to hear the story behind the image you wish to have captured, I’ll also want to know what colors you like or dislike and where the final piece will be displayed (home/office/particular room/over a fireplace, etc.).

This process might vary slightly based on the medium you choose (oil painting or mixed media).

Step 6

Along the way, I’ll schedule a couple of check-ins to review your piece’s progress and get feedback from you.

It’s an excellent opportunity for your input, and for us to connect about the final timeline/delivery details.

Step 7

Once your unique artwork is completed, I’ll arrange delivery or shipping to you.

You will also receive a certificate of authenticity with instructions on how to take care of a piece of art that was created just for you.

Enjoy your genuinely unique gift!

Past Commissions

"Through the Fog"

30″ x 40″
Oil on canvas

The business owner who commissioned this painting, had a private  getaway home in the mountains of Vermont. He talked about how he liked to sit on his back deck and watch when fog rolled through the hills and forests surrounding his cabin. He said the relaxing calm always left him feeling, “…clear and energized to take on the next big project.”


30″ x 40″
Oil on canvas

The successful collector who owns this piece, loves to spend his free time hiking and camping in mountainous regions. He has a favorite mountain outside of Phoenix, AZ where he loves to watch the sunrise… He said the mountains, “…remind (him) of the challenges he faces every day in (his) business… challenges that, when conquered, reward him with wonder and beauty.”


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