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I’ve been drawing since the time I was able to hold a pencil. By the age of 24, I was showing in galleries across the country and had gained national publicity.

I suspect you’re here because you’re also highly successful at what you do, whether it’s in your career, a company you’ve built, or in the home and family you’ve created.

But when I was 29 years old, a gallery owner crossed my personal boundaries, then actively destroyed my reputation among other gallerists. Confused, angry, and with nowhere to turn for advice, I internalized the shame and put down my paintbrush.

It took many years for me to realize that even the most successful people have had significant failures. But I didn’t realize that at the time. Perhaps you have an event in your past that is as painful as this one is for me, an event you have also hidden…

Since my confidence in showing and selling my art was shattered, I joined Corporate America and eventually became a successful saleswoman in commercial building and construction. I painted nights and weekends but never showed my artwork to anyone and rarely spoke of it.

Even for all the success in my corporate career, deep down I missed my life’s calling in art. I began to spend more and more time in nature to reduce the stress of my corporate career and soothe the pain of feeling I failed in what I loved to do most.

Perhaps you are here because you can relate to nature being your safe place, your “cathedral”… the place of refuge to recharge and alleviate stress. Perhaps you are here because inside your work or home life, you crave reminders of the beauty, peace, and relaxation you find in nature. Maybe you sense that people who work for or with you are healthier and happier too when they’re surrounded by nature and natural materials.

Eventually, I realized that I hadn’t failed with my art. I had simply failed to manage a difficult situation at a relatively young age. So with renewed spirit and confidence and some hard-earned business skills, I returned to my life-long passion – painting. Alive with a sense of dedication, discipline, and ultimately, a victory that nothing will ever keep me from doing what I love to do the most, again.

I sense you are here because you can relate… that you have been down a path with bumps and stops and starts. But because of it all, you, like me, have earned your victory.

The collectors who repeatedly return to my art to adorn their homes, and the companies that fill their spaces with my work, find deep nourishment in nature that helps them live with the courage to never, ever give up on what they want and what they believe in.

“… Tuveson has the unique ability of presenting nature with a simple fluidity of line and strong definition of shape… there is something distinctly familiar and friendly about her work, that has made it immediately popular.”

– Boston Globe, Sunday Arts Section



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