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Celebrating the Power

& Magic of Nature…


Interested in checking out my art? Oil paintings, mixed media, and prints… browse here to see what speaks to you


Learn about how I’m taking steps to create a non-toxic and sustainable studio that’s good for you, me, and our planet


Interested in your own custom art? Bring the magic of your environmental connection, to your sacred space

Does the strength of nature offer you peace and clarity from life’s demands?

Do you crave reminders of beauty, calm and relaxation?

Explore the site to find to how you can have those mementos in your work or home life.

Do you find deep nourishment in nature?

Nature can give you the strength and courage to never ever give up on what you want or what you believe in. 

Locarno Marsh Grass

You're worth it!

Learn more about treating yourself to luxurious and unique art, while investing in an artist who shares your eco-values.


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